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Ekspertens udtalelse:
Dear Andrew G. Schneider
Your commode is typical Danish design, with feet`s formed as paw`s, in walnut and made around 1860.
To identify the maker is very difficult unless You have the name.
Estimeret pris:
The valeu of Your commodes is app.
380-.US$ in this condition.
Vurderingen udført af:
Lars Krintel
Pristrenden for denne art varer 
forventes at være stigende  
i de kommende år
Indsenderens oplysninger
I am a student at Amherst College, Massachusettes,
currently studying an antique commode my
great-grandmother brought over from Denmark around the turn of the century.
Could you help me in identifying
where it was made, and perhaps by whom? Enclosed in this e-mail are several photos of the commode.
More are availible upon request. Thank you for your time.

Andrew G. Schneider

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